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As fast-growing childcare chain operator, you achieve greater market penetration, gain more centres and as your organisation grows, you often run into a wall where internal processes struggle to keep up with your continued demand.

When starting out, most companies solve problems in the quickest, cheapest ways possible by using multiple systems, which over time, leads them toward one of the biggest pitfalls for growing organisations-using multiple standalone business applications for varying departmental functions in an ad hoc manner.

As the business and its complexity grow, these multiple systems create operational inefficiencies that can be detrimental to the bottom line, damage the customer experience, and impede the company’s ability to reach its full potential.

In this article, we will explore why multisite childcare centre operators need an all-in-one platform to manage the multisite childcare management software.

Before we get going, it makes sense to explain exactly what we mean by ‘using multiple systems’.

It could mean many things, but essentially we’re talking about everything Xap isn’t. That is, using software, paper, spreadsheets and multiple software programs to manage your waitlist, learning, document storage, admin work & reporting, rather than one system that does it all. It could mean:

  • Using a piece of software that has unconnected ‘modules’ – a bunch of different programs that perform different functions and don’t work well together.
  • Using one piece of software for observations, one for admin, one for waitlist & enrolments, one for business reporting & one for parent communication and so on.
  • Traditional ‘paper’ for observations and learning journals. In reality, this still probably means using spreadsheets, emails and other more traditional software.
  • Some combination of the lot.

We realise that getting rid of these separate systems isn’t always easy. Many people find a way that ‘works for me’, and often you’re hamstrung by inherited systems or various ideas and templates from local providers.

This is particularly important for waitlist and enrolments,  EYLF/MTOP observations, where many of you have found a way that works for you, and are concerned about changing it because it might be more inefficient, provide lower quality observations, or waste time as you train up your staff.

But there’s a reason why this is not good enough for your centre. We’ve managed to find 7 reasons…

1. Is it easy to use?

Whatever system you’re using, it needs to be simple to use. Wasting hours on a complicated system is not good enough, even if you feel like it’s the best way for you to do things. If it’s not easy to use, then it can’t save you time or provide any value to your setting.

  • Is built for multiple childcare centre chains, single centre operators, council-run centres and kindergarten/Preschools.
  • Has all the features that work for childcare centres, OSHCs, Kinder/Preschools and Councils.
  • Works just like the kind of programs and sites you use every day.
  • Is built alongside childcare owners, directors, finance officers and operation managers with their workflow in mind.
  • Has a simple, beautiful interface that is easy to train staff on.
  • Allows you to upload EYLF/MTOP observations in seconds.
  • Can be used as business insight and intelligence tool.
  • Help you run streamlined waitlist and enrolment process.
Multiple systems…
  • Are often clunky and old-fashioned, taking months to get your head around.
  • Involve complicated workarounds that are hard to explain to anyone else.
  • Require you to constantly switch between them, confusing.
  • Will take you longer to complete each observation.

In a sentence

You might be used to your way of doing things, but you will be able to pick up Xap from day one.

2. Does it take long to train staff?

When it comes to operating your childcare system effectively,  you need a system that staff can get to grips with quickly. They’re not there to spend their time on paperwork, and every moment you can save means more time with the children.

  • Will be a familiar design to many of your staff.
  • Comes with 100s of training guides to help your staff get to grips with it.
  • Offers on-demand support for any questions you have.
  • All terms and features sound quite familiar &  user friendly and easy to use.
  • Track the performance of each department from one system.
Multiple systems…
  • Require you to train staff on more than one complicated system.
  • Could mean lots of cutting and sticking or time spent buried in iPads.
  • Frustrate your staff with unnecessary processes.
  • Distract your staff from what they should be focused on the children!
  • As an admin, you are not able to make sure that your staff are using all systems effectively.
  • Not able to track
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Staff pick up Xap with ease and we’re here to support you the minute they have any questions.

Mistakes in the way you record information can be costly to any childcare centre. Lost EYLF/MTOP observations or even whole learning journals are devastating, and important attendance or financial numbers can easily be lost in the cracks when you’ve got multiple points of data entry.

  • Customisable Enrolment forms and our intuitive guardian portal allows you to make sure all data are accurate and verified.
  • Keeps all of your data secure and safe, with regular backups to ensure nothing will ever get lost.
  • Only makes you enter something once, using that for multiple records and reports.
  • Works in real-time, meaning everyone is seeing the most recent updates.
  • Automatic reminders on expired documents, medicines, credit/debit card expiry & immunisation history statements saving you a lot of time in following up with the families.
Multiple systems…
  • Are not as secure.
  • Mean you have to update multiple records, making it easy to miss something out.
  • Manual Data entry takes up a lot of your time.
  • Don’t always work together in harmony, meaning things get lost in between.
  • Can have different people updating different things at different times, creating mistake-ridden reports.
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If you want secure and correct records, trust Xap over your disconnected systems.

Saving time is one of the many reasons people take their waitlist & enrolment and EYLF observations online. And what wastes more time than anything else? Entering the same stuff more than once – something you can guarantee you’ll be doing with multiple systems.

  • Streamline your waitlist process by allowing you to build your workflow.
  • Collect all your required data from the families by using our customised enrolment form module.
  • Automatically uploads your observations to each child’s learning journal and the data to your cohort tracking too.
  • Uses the same child profiles and plans for registers, child development, invoicing, occupancy and more.
  • Lets parents add details themselves, reducing your workload in some areas completely.
Multiple systems…
  • Operate and migrate data between systems.
  • Parents require multiple login systems if the system supports the parent portal.
  • Require manual data entry every time you want a new report.
  • Need you to routinely collect your observations together for learning journals and progress tracking.
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Xap will save you time every day by only ever making you enter numbers, figures, and EYLF observations once.

Parent partnerships are essential if you want to provide the right environment for every single child in your centre. Having them interested and involved in their children’s learning and observations is a key goal that you need to consider when deciding on your systems.

  • Only requires parents to sign up for one app, which sends them updates straight to their pockets.
  • Makes invoicing easy for parents by keeping everything to do with the nursery in one place.
  • Allows parents to submit comments on observations, giving you a fuller picture of each child’s development.
  • Lets parents collaborate to save you time, updating information on children and invoicing themselves.
  • Instant messaging and the parent news feed helps you to keep those relationships secure.
  • Send families daily communication about the sleep, meal, diaper changes and photo/video stories.
Multiple systems…
  • Require parents to sign on to two or more services, resulting in confusion and low engagement.
  • Are often not very relevant to today’s parents, and can result in unread learning journals and forgotten messages.
  • Reduce communication by making it harder and more confusing to get in touch.
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Xap makes parent partnerships easy by keeping everything in one place and engaging parents in a way that makes sense to them.

6. Do you know where to find everything?

Emails. Spreadsheets. Folders. Memory sticks. Paper learning journals. Where exactly is that key piece of information you need? The time you waste just searching for things every day is worth getting rid of your separate systems alone.

  • Has dedicated places for document storage, messaging, reports and more.
  • Keeps your data backed-up so no EYLF/MTOP observations get lost.
  • Allows you to download enrolment forms and CWA forms. No need to store the paper enrolment forms.
  • Gives you simple overviews so that you always know what’s going on your centres.
  • Allows you to track all your centre’s information centrally from one login. No need to switch between centres.
  • Find out who made the changes in your system.
Multiple systems…
  • Leave you with all of your stuff in a thousand different places, making it hard to find anything.
  • Increase the chance of something important getting lost
  • Don’t give you the complete, truthful overview that you need to ensure a sustainable setting.
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Xap saves you time by keeping everything in one place.

What use are all of these benefits if the quality of the observations isn’t good enough? At the end of the day, any system is only as good as the observations that go into it, but Xap has a few features that make it that bit easier to ensure quality EYLF/MTOP observations & daily journals.

  • Makes adding observations simple for educators, no matter how technophobic they are.
  • Gives you the option to review observations before they go out to parents.
  • Comes with options to add your framework, link planned experience, link QIP, next steps and photos or videos, however, you like to do your observations.
Multiple systems…
  • Often result in observations that don’t get read by parents.
  • Can be a confusing and time-consuming process for your educators, taking them away from what matters.
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Xap gives you the flexibility to do your observations the way you like and the tools to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Use the Xap Platform to manage your waitlist, online enrolments, daily parent communication, daily diaries, observations, communication and admin all in one place.

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