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According to a recent report on the state of childcare customer experience, one of the biggest roadblocks to the exceptional customer experience is dealing with customer data across multiple systems. A single customer view that is up-to-date and real-time is very important to provide a great customer experience.

To gain insights from complete customer data, organisations of all sizes are increasingly investing in technologies that centralise customer data into one childcare management app that streamline data flowing across multiple modules.

Importance of single customer view for childcare centres:

Single customer view (families & children profile) is defined as an aggregated, consistent, and holistic representation of the data known by an organisation about its customers. It is the single source of truth of your customer data.

It allows you to understand your customer’s goals and challenges better and provide a solution that best addresses those areas. It gives you a complete picture of all historical interactions for analysing booking patterns and personalising future customer interactions.

You have successfully achieved a single customer view when you are able to:

  • Have a centralised customer data that gets updated in real-time
  • Capture every touchpoint your customer has with your business in a single platform
  • Leverage customer information to seamless engage customers irrespective of the communication channel
Why do you need an all-in-one Childcare CRM?

In any organisation, every team that interacts with customers holds valuable customer information. The marketing team knows what interest your prospective families and who are more likely to secure the place in your centre. The operation team or administrative team evaluates the customer’s needs to provide the best solution. The customer service team has insights on common problems that the customers face after they start attending your centre. Educators record the learning journals, observations and daily parent updates where the operation team has clear insights for each child’s record.

When each of the teams uses different applications to manage child & family data, valuable information is scattered across multiple applications. Meaning the teams don’t have a holistic view of the customer to provide the best customer experience. The isolated islands of customer data give rise to the communication gap and information discrepancy, eventually crippling the business growth.

An all-in-one Childcare CRM effectively solves the problem caused by using disparate systems and helps you achieve a single customer view. With an all-in-one Childcare CRM in place, you can provide seamless, consistent, and personalised customer experience right from the first interaction. It enables a free flow of customer information, both within and across teams, to empower the team members to take quick actions with accessibility to customer information at their fingertips.

Benefits of an all-in-ane Childcare CRM

Using an all-one- Childcare CRM such as Xap helps you drive more enrolments by breaking departmental silos and empowering team members to cater to customer needs as and when they arise.

Here are a few benefits of using a unified Childcare CRM:

  • Provide better customer experience: When potential families reach out to your childcare business to inquire for a place or to book extra days or to remove additional days, they expect a seamless customer experience. That is, they don’t want to wait long hours for answers or repeat their grievances to every person they interact with. With Xap, your team members can communicate in one voice regardless of the department – Operations, customer support and marketing – that they belong to.
  • Save time on data search: In Xap, all data and insights link to one, central customer record. Any update a Xap Childcare CRM user does with a customer automatically enriches the related contact record and is easily accessible across the teams. Also, when team members reach out to collaborate, the record automatically carries the context. This eliminates several hours spent on searching for customer information on disparate systems and helps team members act faster.
  • Get more done in less time: Xap lets you automate your team’s repetitive tasks, enabling your team members to spend more time working on what’s important. Furthermore, you can rely on the Xap platform to perform certain mundane tasks automatically. With Xap, we have over 65 AI-driven bots performing automated actions for you every day.
  • Make better decisions: Every insight in Xap is drawn from data within the childcare CRM. The insights are informed with data that is analyzed across all areas of your organisation. Also, Xap lets you create custom forms to capture any data you want, then generate reports to spot underlying patterns.

Why Xap is the best all-in-one Childcare CRM?

Xap Childcare CRM is an all-In-One system and is the ONLY comprehensive childcare management solution designed to grow with you. The modular format streamlines child/family data in childcare centres, daycare, after-school programs, and Kindergartens and Preschools.

Xap’s all in Child care software manages the internal operations (such as booking, attendance, billing, payments, communications, waitlist & enrolments, learning & programming, daily child updates and much more) of child care centres and preschool programs, as well as facilitates communication (messaging, notifications, alerts, and feedback) between parents and educators. The software streamlines and centralises child care centre operations on a single platform.

How does Xap provide a true all-in-one Childcare CRM experience

Xap’s Child care CRM software simplifies and increases the efficiency of the creation and modification of regular progress reports, billing invoices, children profiles, and overall documentation. Xap’s Child care CRM software increases parent engagement and classroom management via technology/mobile devices. These solutions are cloud-based, deployed on already existing mobile devices, and work alongside accounting and student information systems, and includes features of digital sign in and sign out & waitlist management software.

For instance, you can have workflows to notify your accounts team when any payments fail or enrolment ceases. This is just one scenario that demonstrates how Xap breaks barriers between apps to improve team productivity.

Xap is childcare software built with owners, directors, educators & parents in mind. We wake up every day with one mission – to equip owners, directors, and educators with the best tools to grow their business. Our easy-to-use, award-winning platform speaks for itself. A true all-in-one solution that enables you to manage your centre and engage with parents. Find out why thousands of educators like you, depend on Xap every day!

Try Xap today to unlock the power of a unified Childcare CRM.

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