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There may be a few parents who expressed interest in your program but were unable to fill out the enrolment or inquiry form. Perhaps they called in to ask some questions, or they dropped by for a visit but wanted to think about it before filling out the form.

Don’t worry! We have a way for you to keep track of these parents too. As long as they’re on your Enrolment List either under the Toured or Interested status, you’ll have a visual reminder to check in with that family.

These days, outstanding customer service is an essential part of every thriving business. You want to not only provide good child care and programs but also make it easy for families to partner with you.

To satisfy parents’ expectations and streamline your internal processes, it’s imperative to modernize. Child care online enquiry management & registration is often the first entry point for providers going digital.

With child care online enquiries, you can include as much detail about your programs as you like. That means your staff spends less time fielding emails and phone calls to answer questions from parents about your programs, rates, schedules and more.

Not only can you be certain you capture the right family data from the start, but you can also automatically map the information parents enter to multiple forms. Parents no longer need to fill out form after form and your staff no longer needs to spend their time transferring all that information.

The entire experience is refreshing for parents who have suffered through paper-based registration until now – and it’s expected by young, digitally native parents. For all parents, it’s a breeze to re-register. After initial registration, they simply update their selections and information with each subsequent registration via a parent portal or mobile app.

To maximise lead capture and conversion rates, whilst delivering a consistent, branded experience for families, we have developed the online enquiry form and tour scheduling feature. You will be able to Set up a calendar with available tour times and allow parents to book themselves directly into your tour calendar from your website.

The development is already completed and the feature is rolled out to all our enterprise plan customers. You will be able to embed the form into your company website for a mobile-ready experience.

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Emily Chin - Marketing Executive Xap at Technologies Pty Ltd- With a linguistic and graphic design background, Emily has worked extensively with children. Emily focuses on bringing customer driven solutions to KidsXap’s clients.