Create User & Roles Profiles for Your Staff

Director, Regional Manager, Lead Educator, Teacher, Admin Officer – whichever role best fits your needs in using Xap Roles & Permission Module.

You can create and name your own role and apply permissions to view and or edit different parts of the system, depending on a person’s authority and position within your business. This is flexible and makes Xap platform customisable for the end user and other users to recognise easily.

Set Up Groups and Assign Custom Roles

In Xap platform you can easily create and assign people to groups according to your preferred criteria.

This feature is particularly useful to multisite childcare or OSHC service operators who might want to assign people to groups based on regions, room groups or location types just to name a few.

The Identity and Access Control Solution That Works for You

Xap Platform uses the centralised Identity Server to manage the user profile and authentication. Our Identity Server can be integrated with third party systems like Google, Facebook or Microsoft Active Directory.

Xap uses multiple layers of encryption with the most advanced security technologies. So you can rest assured that all your information is safe.

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