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A partnership is described as multiple parties combining values, knowledge, resources and capabilities to create a product or business.  

Partnerships often add value to industries, as the outcome is a combination of the parties’ lead resources compiled to create a quality solution. This then becomes beneficial for consumers as they can confidently choose the product designed to be highly advanced and versatile.  

For example, Xap has partnered with Storypark to develop Storypark Manage, a purpose-driven childcare management software for the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector. The partnership comes from Xap and Storypark joining together to create a childcare management software that incorporates not just the advanced features of both platforms, but the values, expertise, and resources of both companies. Storypark Manage is a childcare management software designed to cover all aspects of early education with the business owner, educators and families in mind.   

Dynamic partnerships give organisations choice within the ECEC and the opportunity to manage their service through a one-stop program whether it be by directly using Xap or, particularly as an existing Storypark client, Storypark Manage. Both administrators and families are now able to interact with ease over a wide variety of topics ranging from daily activities to immunisation records and upcoming events. By combining the two technologies, Storypark Manage gives centres the tools to operate their service in a flexible manner.  

Xap’s intuitive technology features customisable and automated elements to streamline processes within CCS, while Storypark’s highly engaging software tracks and reports children throughout their learning journey at the centre. The partnership resulting in Storypark Manage provides the ECEC sector with intuitive technology that can streamline administrative tasks, such as billing and CCS enrolments, encourage strong relationships with families and assist business owners. 

When entering into a partnership such as Storypark Manage, it’s important for both businesses to ensure their values and goals align for a successful relationship. Both Xap and Storypark strive to provide the ECEC sector with advanced technology that focuses on quality systems, advanced security, accessible customer support, family communication and child education. Both companies continually value the high focus on quality products and the ethics of the company that produces the platform.  

The value of a partnership can be identified through the benefits clients receive when purchasing products such as Storypark Manage. Selecting a product that will provide relevant values, knowledge and resources to the industry can result in increased efficiency and functionality to any business. Xap and Storypark look forward to a long partnership of delivering quality childcare management software to the ECEC sector.  

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