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Employee training and development is an essential part of any business, it creates space for your team to improve their proficiency and productivity, which contributes to a more efficient workplace. Educators who engage with training programs will not only keep up with the growth and demand of the business but will be able to use their skills to help the children in their care thrive.  

There are many benefits to having educators who are well trained, but what about the tools you use?  

Xap also believes in the benefits of training customers for success when adopting our products. Our Product Trainer and Subject Matter Expert, Dee Weiler, who has over 30 years of experience in the Early Childhood and Education Care (ECEC) sector, explains the importance of incorporating training into your centre: 

“Training keeps you updated with any new changes within the systems which will save you time, assist you with using the software to its full potential plus builds your team’s confidence and skills.” 

Dee also explains how educator training and development enhances your client’s experience:  

“By fully optimizing your software and centre processes, your team will be able to provide a smooth experience for your families. Centre Directors may not always be available when guardians need assistance, so it’s essential the team knows how to provide the correct support.” 

So how can Xap help train your team for success?  

When you first migrate over to Xap, our skilled onboarding team assists you every step of the way. They will personalise your training experience to ensure the focus is on the features that will best support your centre. Interactive meetings, productive check-ins and personalised training are just the start to your Xap journey.  

Even after your onboarding process is complete, Xap features a wide variety of support options to ensure you stay up to date. Our Help Desk provides quick and accessible guides with instruction breakdowns on all software subjects ranging from guardian assistance to reports. If you’re looking for an even more in-depth overview of the software, Xap University hosts video walk throughs with step-by-step instructions on various tasks.  

To further your support experience, our expert team of Product Trainers also host live webinars on current subjects, new features and tips & tricks so you’ll always have the latest information on Xap’s software. 

Training is important to set the platform for your success in any software product so investing and participating in training short term will provide long term benefits to you and your team.  

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