One of the best ways to do so in recent times is with preschool management software similar to that used in childcare, daycare, kindergartens, nursery schools and other educational facilities. Backed by the best preschool software from Xap, you can run your preschool or playgroup with minimal stress and worry.

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The Only Preschool Management Software You’ll Ever Need for Your Program

Our powerful preschool management app and software will handle your administrative tasks and reduce paperwork headaches. Xap is an easy-to-use early education platform that will change the way you do business.

  • Centre management – Know your centre like the back of your hand by keeping track of schedules, courses offered, room ratios, staff profiles and timesheets, attendance, parents, children records and reporting in one place
  • Billing & fee payments – Get paid faster! Set up automated invoices or send ad-hoc invoices easily. Online and mobile payments result in the fee being credited directly to your account
  • Staff & children check-in kiosk – Our pre school managemetn system makes use of check-in codes, with check-in and check-out times logged for records
Streamline your day.

Tame administrative tasks and centralise your management systems. Xap’s kindergarten preschool management software simplifies child care administration by allowing quick access to parent and child records. Quickly look up parent and child information, handle daycare scheduling, track immunisation history and run reports.

  • Reduce paperwork  – Digitise daily reports and automatically share with families in real-time
  • Digitise check-in –  Replace paper sign-in sheets with digital check-in and check-out for students and staff
  • Capture milestones – Record children’s progress and developmental milestones with pre-loaded early learning standards
Daily Activity Log & Parent Communication

Record daily activities and link learning framework outcomes, nap times, nappy and feed times, badges and photos in a few clicks.

With the best preschool apps for parent engagement, you can send announcements, newsletters, photos or videos to engage parents via mobile app notifications, web portal, email or emergency push notification alerts.

  • Photos & videos – Capture learning milestones and memorable moments, and seamlessly share with parents through the best apps for preschoolers’ parents
  • Record nap times – Record naps per child or per group with a simple tap
  • Potty – Track diaper changes, potty breaks or accidents per child or as a group
  • Menus & food – Input the food items you want to tag and track
Lesson Plans & Live Observations

Xap’s curriculum management is suited for any early years learning framework, allowing you to record daily activities and learning outcomes in a few clicks. Our preschool administration software also lets you document observations, with customisation available to suit various curriculum frameworks.

  • Media-rich assessments – Observe learning progress live with photos, videos and notes to align with learning frameworks
  • Customised assets – Customise your learning standards to meet the needs of your development framework
  • Sharing controls – Share learning and development with staff and parents on your own schedule.
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