Xap is a simple, easy to use online playschool management software with mobile apps, has all tools & features to help you grow your playschool and simplify your daily work. Keeps you updated wherever you are.  Through Xap’s Playschool Management Software, we have tried to introduce the simplest management tools, keeping in mind almost all the daily needs of the centres.


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Elevate your brand & customer experience

Manage every aspect of your business with Xap- online registration, scheduling & bookings, billing & payments, increase enrollments & more.

Delight your customers with our mobile app, schedules, bookings and run reports. Admins, supervisors can save time and stay in control of customers and data always.

Digital Attendance for Staff and children

Routine operational tasks can be done in a click. Digital attendance and leave management is applicable to both Staff and Students.

  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Checkin Kiosk for parent or staff
  • Student and Staff leave application
  • Attendance and Leave Notifications
Only playschool management software you’ll ever need for your program.

Our powerful and trusted playschool management software plus the app will handle your administrative tasks and reduce paperwork headaches.

  • Centre Management – Know your centre at the back of your hand, schedules, manage courses offered, room ratios, staff profiles & timesheets, attendance, parents, children records and reporting in one place.
  • Billing & Fee Payments – Get paid faster !! Set up automated invoices or send ad-hoc invoices easily. Online and mobile payments to get the fee credited directly to your account.
  • Staff and Children Checkin Kiosk –  Checkin codes, check-in and check-out times logged for records.
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