You can use our OSHC management software at multiple locations and facilities. Staff at any location can log in and access our portal. Coordinate operations across locations more easily as you review information by location for your whole business from a single login. Xap OSHC platform also removes barriers between locations by improving communication between your team.

Built for Vacation Care & Before and After-School Programs

Track sign-in and sign-out, take casual and walk-in bookings, run automated billing, and simplify before and after school program management with Xap’s OSHC management app and software.

Xap gives you the ability to track students from the moment they enter your care to the moment they leave. You’ll be able to sign them in when they’re picked up from schools and sign them out when they arrive at your service. Our bulk sign-in allows you to view a list of children’s names and photos, giving you an accurate head count.

Student Registration & Enrolment That Saves Time, Paper & Money

Registrations and enrolments are usually one of the most time-consuming and paper-intensive tasks. Xap reduces your workload by enabling you to create and edit your own enrolment forms.

Xap’s innovative design enables schools and providers to run great OSHC programs. We take care of the back end, allowing you to focus on what you do best – educating.

Works for Schools & Providers of Any Size

If you’re running an OSHC program or considering taking the plunge, there’s much to think about. A great OSHC program reflects well on the school and its community. We want programs to survive and thrive.

Xap is a feature-rich, cloud-based software that allows OSHC operators to manage their day-to-day operations and engage with parents. Collaborate in a secure and private setting to foster a child’s journey of early learning and development.

Before & After School Care Isn't an Afterthought

In today’s modern world, parents love getting updates and ways to extend their child’s learning. There are thousands of activities parents want their kids to learn about and experience. That’s why our OSHC management software includes an Activity Manager. This is an innovative tool to increase family involvement in a child’s daily learning.

Easily Manage Your Multi-Site Programs

For before and after school programs that need to manage multiple sites, Xap provides online access for users in different locations, with varying levels of access and permissions. Our highly customisable user interface makes it easy to adapt to OSHC programs of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Connect all of your sites to our OSHC management app and software so you can stay ahead of managing your operations. Real-time data helps you to easily manage your enrolment levels, student-educator ratios, billing and reports, schedules and attendance across all of your programs, facilities and classrooms.

Software Built for All Stakeholders.

See real-time information about how your business and staff are performing with our OSHC service management software.

  • Administration dashboard to oversee your centre or multiple centres
  • Automated invoicing and financial information
  • Run BI reports to improve profits
  • Create/approve/reject bookings
  • Perform CCS operations
  • Manage waitlist and enrolments
  • Engage parents through communication
For Educators

Xap’s OSHC management app and software enables educators to extend on the unique interests of children and plan to enhance each child’s learning journey.

  • Curriculum programming and planning
  • Daily routine – Meals, Sleep, sunscreen, nappies, bottles, sleep checks, etc.
  • Portfolios – Observations, follow ups, learning stories
  • Receive notification alerts
  • QIP – View and contribute
For Parents

Experience your child’s learning experience by receiving photos and daily communications throughout the day.

  • View children’s daily stats with past history
  • Manage family details
  • Make or update the booking information
  • View statements and invoices, and make payments online
  • Read children’s learning portfolios
  • Notify centre of non-attendances
  • Upload immunisation record
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