Who Says Software Can’t Be Comprehensive and Easy to Use?


Xap combines the features and reporting your group needs with an interface everyone can use. After all, powerful features won’t save you time if you can’t use them. Xap is both simple to use and comes with all the features you need. When you’re backed by the best nursery management software to help manage and automate the core functions of your business, cutting out repetitive and unproductive admin has never been easier.

Smarter Nursery Management Software

Don’t Let Admin Get in Your Way

We know what it’s like to have admin take time away from your real job. With all your data in one place, our nursery school management software can simplify your admin so you can manage your centre effortlessly.

Automate repetitive data entry and streamline all core areas of your business. Manage your waitlist registrations, bookings, sign-ins, invoices, payment collection and parent communication – all in one place.

Build a Stronger Partnership with Parents

With our all-in-one nursery management software, you can better engage with parents. Share photos and videos of their little one’s day, and send out daily reports, notifications and online invoices. Let parents manage their registration, bookings, payments and all your communication in one place with our free apps or web portal.

If you don’t have a website, our nursery management system makes it easy to share your registrations and bookings link on social media so you can increase your accessibility to existing and potential customers.

Automate Invoicing & Get Paid Faster

Xap is the smarter billing and invoicing software for nursery businesses. Set up recurring invoices and send all your invoices with a single click. Invoices are created automatically for all approved bookings and sessions. Simply choose when to send the invoices to parents.

With our nursery management software, you can apply discounts to bookings, add rebates, or charge late fees. Xap also performs automatic overdue calculation to further simplify the process for you.

Easier Program Planning, Daily Journals & Observations

On-the-go observations will instantly update online learning journals and child development tracking. Link to next steps and frameworks including EYLF, MTOP or Montessori, as well as National Quality Standards.

Review and approve observations or send them back to the educators for improvement. Individual staff profiles give educators quick access to their observations and notes on any device.

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