Your Enterprise Operation Has Specific Needs. We Get That.

We understand the difficulty faced by owners and executive teams of multiple centres when trying to stay connected to a large number of locations.

Xap’s enterprise childcare management system allows you to combine local and centralised management seamlessly. You can view all critical processes across a wide array of functions for all centres from a single login.

Single Sign-On for Multisites

From a single sign-on, you can access data from all sites that you have permission to see. No multiple sign-ins or passwords required – just one single username and password, with no need to switch between centres.

Xap has extensive experience working with enterprise customers, and we enjoy the challenge of meeting your unique operational requirements with our multi-centre childcare management system.

Improved Efficiency for Your Operations Team

Minimise costs by focusing on the right things, at the right time. Utilise Xap’s operational reporting and workflow systems to drive effectiveness, streamline processes and focus on what really matters. Our automations allow managers to spend more time educating children, building relationships with families and creating a productive work environment.

Our multisite management software takes the stress out of managing multiple services, so when you don’t have time in the office, Xap will be here to support you.

Drive Conversions & Engagement, All in One Place

See whether your features impact user behaviour. With Xap’s multisite childcare management software, you can go beyond just adoption numbers and correlations with causal models that account for external factors.

Measure, report on and improve your service KPIs.

Enterprise & Executive Reporting

With access to the best multisite childcare management app and software, you can understand the exact status of your entire chain at a glance.

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