Montessori early learning centres trust Xap to help manage enrolment, scheduling, payment processing, program planning and documentation, and more. Xap’s integrated approach to data management, billing, attendance tracking and other recordkeeping tasks saves you time and keeps your data perfectly organised.


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The All-in-One Montessori Management Software Solution

Xap’s Montessori management software is an online planning, recording and centre management system for Montessori schools and pre-schools. With our Montessori management system, you can easily and intuitively manage your children’s progress through Montessori activities.

  • Save time – Less time on paperwork means more time with children
  • Save money – No more printing costs or buying paper
  • Grow your business – Plan for the future and keep your centre at capacity
  • Check ratios – See instant staffing ratios for any point in the future
  • Reach capacity – Help your centres to reach full capacity
  • Forecast – Forecast future attendance
Montessori Program Planning & Observations

With Xap’s online Montesorri management framework, you can eliminate paperwork, improve communication, and create program planning to keep your staff organised, updated, streamlined and highly productive.

  • Montessori scope & sequence – Access pre-loaded Montessori framework across Sensorial, Cultural, Language, Math and Practical Life domains
  • Program planning- Create individualised program planning based on your classroom observations. Use experience to plan classroom environments and present learning opportunities
  • Montessori progress indicators – Track and observe children’s learning in seconds
  • Media-rich record-keeping – Capture observation and experiences with photos and notes
  • Mobile – Everything available at your fingertips
Stay on Top of Finances by Simplifying Your billing system

With Xap’s Montessori management app and software, you can send invoices to your families, track direct debits and deposits, and send automated payment receipts. Our Montessori software takes just minutes to get set up and integrates with your existing bank account. Built with the highest levels of security, our billing platform will securely manage your accounting needs while offering your families paperless billing.

  • Reduce paperwork – Offer paperless invoicing and payments, and send receipts via email
  • Automate billing – Send term based or attendance based invoices or ad-hoc invoices and offer auto-pay to eliminate late payments
  • Integrate systems – Invoice families with the same tool you use for enrolment, attendance and communication
  • Offer flexibility – Accept credit card or bank transfer payments and offer auto-pay
Manage Your Classroom, Run Your Centre & Engage with Parents

Interested in real-time photos, easy messaging and online payments? Our Montessori documentation management software makes it easy to send out news, daily updates, reports and more to parents, giving them peace of mind.

  • Daily updates – Real-time feed of activities throughout the day
  • Photos/videos – Let parents watch their child’s day unfold with snapshots delivered to their mobile device
  • Stay connected – Stay in touch with parents and strengthen class learning with activities
  • Digital check-in – Easy digital check-in with personal passcodes. Allow parents to add approved adults to pick up their child, and see when their child is checked in or out
  • Paperless billing – Digital payments directly from a bank account or credit/debit card. Paperless invoices and email receipts
Why Choose Xap's Montessori Software Over Others in the Market?

If you’re a Montessori centre using a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play, Xap’s unique features for program planning and activity management tick all the boxes.

  • At Xap, we understand that development only comes through a child’s own experiences and the promotion of them finding things out for themselves. That’s why we have created an exclusive program planning feature so centres can easily create, add, edit or delete plans.
  • Xap program planning is easy and intuitive, with everything in our Montessori learning management software at your fingertips.
  • With the use of our activity platform and guardian app, you can place an emphasis on the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of children.
  • The key measure of a Montessori centre is collaboration, and Xap’s Montessori classroom management software allows the teacher to work in collaboration with children.
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