Simplify kinder/preschool administration with quick access to parent and child records. Xap is a multipurpose, cloud-based preschool and kinder management software designed to benefit educators, children and parents alike. Track parent information, enrolment, child attendance and more. Automate your routine tasks and put your kinder or preschool on auto-pilot.

Enabling Kindergartens to Communicate Their Curriculum Effectively

Record learning activities and observations to track a child’s learning journey, and build a portfolio to share with parents at the end of the year.

Every kindergarten and preschool is focused on building a great curriculum, and our kindergarten software and app enables you to communicate it to parents easily.

Built for Kindergartens & Preschools

Our preschool and kindergarten management software will help you save time and money while simplifying the management of your kindergarten or preschool. Xap makes it easy to manage staff, track students, communicate with parents, and do all your billing from one simple-to-use kindergarten management app.

We provide a completely connected experience that allows you to focus your resources on growth.

No More Tedious Paperwork or Complicated Enrolment Process

Streamline your entire operation by eliminating data entry (from parent forms) and manual calculations. Give your families the flexibility to sign-in and out on a smartphone or tablet with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface of our app.

Easily enrol children online and keep child records in our app. Facilitate retrieving records quickly anytime and from any location. Educators can get important child information without leaving the classroom or while on excursions. Easily dispose of records that are past their end-of-life date, and keep all required records and reports to ensure you’re in full compliance with laws and regulations.

Be Sustainable & Eliminate Paper

Paper-based methods are slow, expensive and hard to keep track of. Our preschool and kindergarten management system has modernised the enrolment, payments and record-keeping processes to eliminate the need for paperwork.

Parents simply enter their information when they download the Xap kindergarten parent app, and critical documents can be uploaded by snapping a photo of them.

The out-dated paper-based method of signing children in and out of your centre has no place in today’s highly digitised world. That’s why we’ve optimised our application to accomplish this with a single keystroke.

Software Built for All Stakeholders.

With our kinder management app and software, you can see real-time information about how your business and staff are performing and what is happening.

  • Administration dashboard to oversee your centre or multiple centres
  • Automated invoicing and financial information
  • Run BI reports to improve profits
  • Create/approve/reject bookings
  • Perform CCS operations
  • Manage waitlist and enrolments
  • Engage with parents through our app
For Educators

Xap enables educators to extend on children’s unique interests and plan to enhance each child’s learning journey.

  • Curriculum programming and planning
  • Daily routine – Meals, sleep, sunscreen, nappies, bottles and sleep checks
  • Portfolios – Observations, follow ups, learning stories
  • Receive notification alerts
  • QIP – View and contribute
For Parents

With our kindergarten parent communication app, parents can get an overview of their child’s learning experience by receiving photos and daily communications throughout the day.

  • View children’s daily stats (meal, sleep, bottles, etc.) with past history
  • Manage family details
  • Make or update the booking information
  • View statements and invoices and make payments online
  • Read children’s learning portfolios
  • Notify centre of non-attendances
  • Upload immunisation record
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