Looking for an all-encompassing kinder management software and app package that’s designed to streamline the daily operations of your business?


There’s no better time to discover Xap – an all-in-one kindergarten management software solution with a free trial available. Xap has been created as a comprehensive approach to pre-school, kindergarten and OHSC management; one where you can manage everything through a well-designed, user-friendly interface. Once you start using our kindergarten management app and software, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t come on board sooner!

Share Wonderful Class Moments with Parents

Xap’s kindergarten management software makes ongoing, dynamic communications with parents easier.

Send urgent posts, newsletters, daily activity updates and learning updates in seconds. Go above and beyond with the customised communication hub that brings it all together. With our kindergarten management app and software, you can close the gap between educators and families and offer a seamless experience with your brand.

Invoice Management & Fee Collection

Xap provides intelligent invoicing solutions and fee collection. With our kindergarten management software and app, you can manage booking-based or term-based billing, including custom invoicing, through our secure online payment gateway. You can also set up auto-pay and recurring billing for greater ease and convenience.

  • Collect payments automatically
  • Parents can easily pay invoices online
  • Immediately identify outstanding payments
  • Access real-time financial data
  • No more phone calls or late payments!
Check In-Out System for Parents & Staff

Xap’s check-in/out feature allows parents/guardians to easily check their child in and out, with real-time updates sent to parents to ensure their child’s safety. The feature of our kindergarten management system is also set up to allow staff to clock in and out, allowing you to track staff attendance and ensure transparency.

  • Save time on processing staff timesheets and attendance
  • Automatically calculate total work hours
  • Update parents with attendance data
  • Alert parents when their child is dropped off and picked up
Observe, Track & Plan More Efficiently

Keep families and educators up to date with future activities using Xap’s Journey Planner.  Our kindergarten management app and software enables experiences to be repeated and observations to be tagged with learning frameworks. Ensure observations meet your standards before they are recorded and sent to parents.

  • Review and approve observations or send them back to the educators for improvement
  • Observations, messages and daily diaries are sent straight to every parent’s pocket
  • Beautiful online learning journals which parents can view at any time
  • Capture and send photo or video observations
  • Save time with simple group observations
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