Welcome to Junior Discoverers Early Learning Centre!

Conveniently located in Sunnybank Hills, Junior Discoverers offer warm, bright and stimulating play spaces for enriching children’s journeys; which is an important factor for their future!

Our new playgrounds feature an expansive, open-air playground with swings; a sandpit and sustainable veggie garden; ten age-appropriate playrooms; and calm sleep rooms.

Our facilities are built around enhancing the lives of children and busy families. That’s why you’ll find a secure, private car park with a barista for parents on-site, lunches sorted with freshly catering, and more.

Call us today to get in contact!


Contact Details:

Email: juniordiscoverers@mailinator.com

Contact number: 07 3115 1500

Address: 100 Pinelands Road, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109



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