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Just because your childcare centre is using an online EYLF learning system doesn’t mean that child development tracking at your centre got any better.

Endless time spent on tablets, useless charts, and complicated systems can all make you think it might have just been better if you’d stuck with paper.

But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Xap’s EYLF learning, program planning & observation app is intuitive and simple to use, yet the flexibility and understanding that you get can have a real impact on the development of the children at your centre.

Let’s see why, shall we?

1. It will save you time

An online EYLF learning & Program Planning app should be making the lives of your educators easier, allowing them to spend less time on their tablets and more time in the room with the children.

That’s why you need to find an EYLF learning, Program planning & observation app that is both effective and designed to save you time.

How does Xap do that?

Xap gives each educator their own login and a section where they can go to see all of their observations. They can quickly take a photo or video on their tablet and make notes as a draft, letting them go back and type up the full observation when they’ve got the time.

Want to work on a laptop or other device instead? No problem, the draft will be saved across all devices, ready to be completed when a spare moment arises.

Most importantly, you only have to do things once. The observations will be automatically uploaded to each child’s learning journey, the development will be recorded in your cohort tracking and their next steps can all be found in one place.

The features:
  • Plan Developmental goals for each child.
  • On-the-go observations will instantly update online learning journals and cohort tracking.
  • Observation drafts sync across devices
  • Link next experiences and preceding experiences.
  • Link to next steps and frameworks including EYLF, MTOP, Montessori or build your own framework.
  • On the fly program & experience planning
  • Link resources to the program plan
  • Personal profiles for each educator
  • Automatically updated learning journey & cohort tracking

“This is the best investment our childcare centre has ever made. Fantastic software and customer support are just on another level. All other learning journal software just doesn’t compare with Xap. It’s just easier for us to write observations because you don’t have to log into a different system and search through all these other bits and bobs that we don’t need. You can just do the observation right there and then.”

Katie, Manager, Kingdom Care

2. You can get parents truly involved

EYLF learning system is there to help you understand where every child is with their development. But to get a complete picture of a child’s development, parents need to be heavily involved in the process too.

How does Xap do that?

The thing with paper learning journeys, or a clunky online EYLF learning system, is that parents just don’t engage with them.

With Xap, parents get notifications straight to their pocket every time you upload a new observation. That means they’ll actually get to see every wow moment throughout the day and understand all the hard work you’re putting in with their little ones.

They can even comment on the observations keep you updated with the child’s profile with the child’s latest interests and other information, giving you the full picture of each child’s development.

The features:
  • Learning journeys in every parent’s pocket
  • Parent observations for wow moments at home
  • Observations sent to parents in real-time
  • Parents and educators can collaborate through comments on observations
  • Parents can provide feedback on the learning programs.
  • Compare progress or refer to baseline assessments with just one click.

3. You can plan with confidence

As a director or program planning manager, you need to get a proper overview that you can trust. An EYLF learning system needs to give you the right understanding to plan and prepare your centre in the right way.

How does Xap do that?

Xap pulls the EYLF outcomes, principles and practices as well as learning category links that you add to child observations and assessments into an easy to understand table to give you a quick overview of where each child is developmental journey looks like.

What’s more, you can quickly build and track different experience, as well as easily filter it by outcome or QIP element.

There’s also a simple overview of every child’s most recent next steps, allowing you to plan experiences that will follow every child’s development carefully.

No more messy documents or crumpled up cohort sheets. Instead, get all the data you need to help your children develop, right at your fingertips.

The features:
  • Automatic development overview
  • Fully flexible learning tracking
  • Next steps overview for every child

“Everything is all in one place, from invoicing to child development. Makes life very easy for a busy childcare centre. Everyone here absolutely loves the Child Development features and has really engaged with it right away. It’s had a really positive impact on planning and adding ever more structure to our activities.”

Josh Hawthorne Manager, Starfish Early Learning

4. It will be completely flexible

We know that no childcare centres are the same. Your EYLF learning system should work the way you do, rather than forcing you to change because it can’t accommodate how you like to do things.

How does Xap do that?

However you like to record and track child development, Xap has an answer.

If you like to keep observations simple and use assessments to track children against the EYLF outcomes, that’s fine by us.

If you want to add QIP links and custom tags to every observation you do, then that’s cool too. We’ve built a system that is flexible enough to work the way you do.

That goes for the drafts feature too, allowing your educators to work on drafts at the moment and complete them later.

We also have a review system in the app, meaning that if you like to check your observations before they go out to parents, there’s one place for you to manage that too.

The features:
  • Optional review system for observations
  • Support QIP assessments and EYLF outcomes in observations
  • Drafts to suit your daily workflow
  • Extend the observations with follow up experiences.

5. You can keep everything in one place

One problem with some of the other software is that it doesn’t always do the whole lot.

Instead, you have one software for one task, paper for another, and your spreadsheets for a third. Adding another piece of software to the pile doesn’t always feel like the most efficient way to go…

How does Xap do that?

Xap is so much more than just an EYLF learning system. It’s a complete childcare management system and the only tool that brings everything that you need to run your childcare into one place.

That means staff management. That means invoices and reporting. It means parent communication, daily diaries and so much more.

No longer will you have to switch between apps or expect parents to log in to loads of different systems. Instead, you’ll have one place to go no matter what you need.

The features:
  • All your centre admin under one roof
  • Parent communication, invoices and learning journeys
  • An all-in-one EYLF learning and planning system.
  • Observations, messages and daily diaries straight to every parent’s pocket.
  • Beautiful online learning journals which parents can view at any time.

This is what our easier online learning journals look like. Observe, track, and plan more efficiently to get your practitioners back with the children.

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