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Are you looking for new ways to increase enrollment in your child care centre or preschool?

I know of so many wonderful childcare and preschool programs that are just waiting for the perfect families to find them. Some of them struggle to find clients despite the high quality and super affordable prices. They are diamonds in the rough, and I know that if they had the right tools, they would be constantly getting calls and inquiries.

To succeed in this, or any economy, increasing the enrollment of your centre is a necessity. We asked the most successful users on the Xap platform for their top recommendations.

Here are our seven best tips to boost enrolment, boost revenue, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

1. Use your parent community as a resource

Increasing enrolment is challenging when you’re the only one spreading the word. Create a formal referral program by offering your existing families a discount for referring parents to your program. Give your happy families an incentive to refer their friends by rewarding them with a discount or cash reward.

Also, help families connect with each other to build a strong community. Hold regular family events for not only showcasing your children’s activities or work but also for getting to know each other. Many of your families may be first-time parents and will thank you if you help them connect with other new parents.

Just be mindful of the fact that not all parents can attend events held during the workday, so be sure to offer evening and weekend get-togethers, as well. Host picnics, potlucks, or coffee klatches so families can spend time together, strengthening the relationships that are also being forged during the school day.

2. Go digital to modernize your waitlist & Enrolment program

Child care software has transformed early education in recent years and child care providers aren’t the only ones benefiting.

Even if your prospective families haven’t started attending your centre, you can bet they rely on tech in their day-to-day lives. Early education platforms like Xap help you engage your families online with smart waitlist forms and our parent portal allows them to keep track of their application.

Xap helps childcare centres, OSHCs and Kindergarten effectively manage their waiting list and enrolments online. Our complete and fully customisable enrolment forms allow you to transform your paper forms into digital forms in minutes. No programming help required.

Our flexible enrolment form builder wizard can be used to build enrolment forms tailored to fit your specific needs without any technical experience required. Your enrolment forms are automatically transformed to work in mobile apps and Web Apps.

Technology may not have a direct effect on your enrolment numbers, but it can have a big impact on parent satisfaction, which can lead to more referrals down the road.

You can also market the prospective parent our guardian mobile apps where they receive daily photos & video communications and digital learning journals about their child which will definitely encourage families to join your centre instead of your competitors.

3. Have a high-quality website

One of the best ways to increase enrollment in your child care or preschool is to put your best foot forward.

A professional website creates a great first impression and gives your prospective families a glimpse into your program. If your online presence is top-notch, it signals that your business is too!

Share photos of your facilities, program offerings, and staff profiles with their pictures. Offer expertise on your website, to communicate that you are a modern, high-quality child care provider.

You can do this by having a blog, and also by curating child development and parenting resources and related early education news.

Xap can help you build high-quality websites for your childcare centre.

Contact us on 1300 543 792 to discuss your website and social media marketing requirements. 

4. Give incentives or discounts to new and existing clients

It’s important to give prospective parents a reason to choose your centre and to keep current clients happy with their choice.

With disposable income being low for most, giving parents a monetary incentive to choose your centre can be very persuasive. For example; pay for 4 days in a week and get 5th day free or get a 50% discount on 5th Day. Another way is to give a free gift card to clients when they reach 12 months of service.

Xap’s in-built promotional and discount tool will allow you to configure the discounts the way you need it and can take care of applying the discount automatically without you need to keep track of discounts on spreadsheets.

Another fantastic way to boost enrolment in your program is by developing partnerships with local enrichment offerings such as yoga, music, sports, or art classes. These special features can be offered as part of the regular day or can be scheduled add-ons in the afternoons.

The more your families can rely on you for all of their educational and childcare needs, the more satisfied they will be with your program.

5. Always be marketing

Spreading the word and marketing your childcare centre, kindergarten or preschool should be top of mind and continue year-round, regardless of whether your current occupancy is full.

The best childcare centres in town have been around for many years and have built a strong reputation, but that doesn’t mean that newer centres can’t also compete and succeed. Social Media is an increasingly effective channel for small businesses to reach potential customers. Also, be sure to participate in local parenting and child-friendly events for regular visibility in your community.

Today’s parents want to know about a program before they step foot into it. Parents like to hear of other families who adore it so “word of mouth” is and always will be a huge source of new families. Equally as important is showing potential families who you are and what you care about.

6. Organise tours on a regular basis

Our final tip for increasing enrolment in your child care centre or preschool is to offer weekly tours and frequent open houses.

Though it can be disruptive, be sure your tours include classroom visits, where prospective families can see your high-quality staff and program in action. (Pro tip: If you do this on a regular basis, it won’t actually be that disruptive as your children get used to visitors in the classroom.)

Also, partner with community organizations to bring regular visitors or Mums to be to your childcare centre or preschool. The more people visit your centre and peek inside, the more people will know about it, and the more they’ll spread the word.

7. Keep sending Daily Communication

When a parent signs up for your waitlist program, that is just the beginning.

A relationship will be developing over time, and it is important to cultivate that. Part of growing enrolment is keeping it from turning over constantly. Communicating with prospective clients regularly not only builds a relationship, but it also helps you gauge changes that you may need to make to better your conversions. While you may have the luxury of talking to each of them personally on regular basis, you should not ignore the written communication.

Final Notes:

If you are ready to be among the top-performing centres and grow your business, you have to stop doing things the hard way.

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