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As the world is slowly beginning to reopen and head into the “new” normal, it’s time to start shifting your mindset out of crisis mode and into enrolment mode.

With everyone eager to get their enrolment rates back to pre-COVID-19 levels, you need to focus on up-levelling your marketing strategies more than ever before. You and your competitors down the road maybe implementing the same new health and safety precautions, but the school that showcases those precautions through creative and attention-grabbing marketing strategies is the one that will gain the most enrollments.

Implementing creative and attention-grabbing marketing strategies doesn’t always have to mean coming up with something new – it can mean revising and revamping your old ones.

To succeed in this, or any economy, increasing the enrolment of your centre is a necessity. Here are five tips that will help your centre acquire more children, boost revenue, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Increase your exposure within the community

By placing ads in local newspapers or sponsoring fundraisers, you will grow your brand and become more recognised to those in your community. Small ads located on the top or bottom of the right-hand page get the most visibility.

Give incentives or discounts to new and existing clients

It’s important to give prospective parents a reason to choose your centre and to keep current clients happy with their choice. With disposable income being low for most, giving parents a monetary incentive to choose your centre can be very persuasive.

For example; pay for six months and get the seventh free or give a free gift card to clients when they reach 12 months of service.

Create and maintain your own website

Websites are one of the first things a parent will check for when researching child care centres. It’s important to not only have a presence on the web so parents will find you but to update your site with relevant material for extra exposure and added credibility.

Expand your service offerings

Consider offering something unique like a pick-up and drop off service or information about local child health care centres. It will help to separate your service from your competitors.

Ask your clients for referrals!

Word of mouth is a proven method of business growth and happy parents will be glad to send your name along to a friend. Consider giving a reward to clients whose referrals register for classes.

Bonus Tip: Adopt Xap!

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Hopefully, you found these tips helpful.

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