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In our tech-obsessed world, staying true to Reggio Emilia or Montesorri ideas can be a challenge.

Reggio Emilia or Montesorri’s old teaching techniques were scientifically designed based on children’s needs and development—from the importance of an organised classroom to learning through physical objects.

But what they didn’t account for was the digital age—for better worse, her founding philosophies quickly start to blur as soon as you throw an iPad into the mix.

Fast forward 40 years and the tech vs. Reggio Emilia/Montesorri debate rages on, with some schools embracing the shift and others rejecting technology altogether.

But despite the controversy, there’s one thing all Montessori educators & teachers can agree on—the survival of the teaching philosophy remains their #1 priority.

So, how can you make the most of technology platform like Xap to boost your business growth, without impacting your ideals?

We’ve pulled together some tips to show you that it is possible to introduce tech to your Reggio Emilia/Montessori centre without a child ever touching an iPad.

Communicate like a pro

The growth of a business is like the growth of a child—great communication is key.

Because the way we speak (and listen) to each other is central to our relationships.

Communication directly impacts team building, confidence levels, productivity, and even a child’s future chances of success. In fact, a huge 70% of mistakes in business can be chalked up to poor communication.

For ECE businesses specifically, it’s crucial to invest in child care management systems like Xap that allow employees to easily connect across departments, whenever, wherever. And from billing & invoicing app to online collaboration platforms, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The thing to remember is to make sure whatever software you choose will integrate with your other systems.

Think of it like applying the Reggio Emilia/Montessori philosophy right down to the technology that runs your centre. Because communication between your technologies is what often fuels communication between your employees.

Become an admin magician

It’s every Director/educators nightmare: an endless pile of admin and zero time to deal with it.

But what if ECE leaders could make that pile magically shrink?

Secure child care apps like Xap help minimise childcare director stress by reducing the time it takes to write reports, sort finances, and organise operations—meaning more time for educators to spend guiding children through their development.

One of our customers told us in a recent interview, “If I could get away from… all that time working on all those mountains of paperwork, I could be in the classroom coaching and mentoring and helping educators build their skills [and facilitate] their professional development.”

“All of those things help educators de-stress, find pride and value in themselves. It increases educator retention.

By intentionally using technology to enhance—rather than replace—human relationships, you’re setting the right kind of example for a generation of children that will have access to technologies most of us have never even dreamed of.

Know your families

When it comes to connecting with millennial parents, childcare business leaders can no longer afford to fall back on old techniques.

With a growing collective of tech-savvy millennial parents, childcare centres need to learn how to speak their language.

The right child care app will allow educators to connect with parents at the touch of a button, and even send photos and videos to parents.

For parents who feel increasingly disconnected from their children, helping them connect throughout the day will leave them feeling like better parents.

Combine this with your own data-driven customer insights to offer exactly what parents want, and you’ll find yourself with the right recipe for growth.

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