In recent times, most childcare providers have moved to cloud-based early learning management software. For the ELC management app you need to run your early years learning centre or playgroup with minimal stress and worry, don’t look past Xap.


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Building Respectful Relationships with Families

Are you looking for a time-saving early learning management app that not only helps grow your early learning childcare centre, but also helps to perfect your systems and process? Then you’ve found it…

Xap is proven to save teachers and educators up to 47 hours each week, all while improving child interaction and observations and encouraging parent and family engagement.

  • Families can readily access daily communications about meals, bottle feeds, nappy changes, sleep and rest times
  • Families can view and provide feedback on observations, journal entries and image galleries
  • Individual family members can engage in online discussions with educators
  • Parents can request login access for multiple family members, carers and other support professionals
Manage Your EYLF Planning Cycle

Xap has been designed by industry specialists to support managers and educators in delivering high-quality early childhood educational documentation. It’s simple to produce and use observations, programmes, journals, reflections and children’s learning portfolios. Even Quality Improvement Plans become almost effortless with our ELC management software and app.

  • Observe – The process of gathering information
  • Analyse – Questioning what learning and development are taking place to make meaning of what has been observed
  • Plan – Planning the next steps to continue supporting learning and development
  • Act/do – Putting the plan into action
  • Reflect – Evaluating the effectiveness of the plan
Paperless Early Learning Management Software

Unlike many similar systems that only provide a small percentage of paperless functionality, Xap is an efficient waiting list, observation and quality management system that is 100% paperless.

Designed to be used in any educational management environment and across multiple settings by an unlimited number of users, Xap eliminates the need for copying, printing, filing, retrieving and manually searching for lost documents.

With Xap’s recording of NQS compliance and rating and assessment of all ACECQA OECEC elements, you can enjoy a process that’s efficient and paperless. Our early learning software and app ensures there’s no need to keep paper files for a specified rating period to justify compliance.

All-in-One Early Learning Centre Management Software

Xap’s ELC management software is built for everything from waitlist and online enrolment through to staff ratio, automated administration, billing and payments, and learning observations and outcomes.

Simplify your early years learning service with an all-in-one solution. Xap is a cloud-based software and app that features the latest technology and an extensive range of features, helping to simplify enrolments, attendance, Quality Improvement Plans, incident reports, medical records and learning observations. Eliminate paper-based processes and reduce administration time with Xap’s automated systems for an efficient and sustainable service for your EYLC. Request a free trial of our early learning management software today.

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