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Cassandra is the director of two busy Early Learning Centres spread across New South Wales, meaning the childcare software she uses needs to be efficient, customisable, easy to navigate. Both services focus on building relationships and genuine interactions between educators, children, and families. However, due to the size difference between the services, each centre has a unique way of operating. 

Cassandra explains how Xap supports both services and assists in creating efficient processes, “As Little Wonders Early Learning Centre is smaller, our educators have to be flexible when working across the board and with different age groups. Xap’s software allows us to set up customisable program planning for the different activities within the groups while easily personalising the app to our team’s needs. Cherry Blossom Early Learning Centre is a much larger service, meaning our processes operate differently. Xap is great for communication as it allows our educators to quickly catch up with the current activities, rather than having to find time to individually speak with each team member. I also appreciate the multitasking aspect of Xap to help with overseeing our services. The software allows me to toggle between the two centres which means I can be in different aspects of the app at the same time.” 

Cassandra also understands the importance of safety and security for families and not only from an educator’s point of view but also as a parent. “Family reassurance is important to us. Features such as the headcounts are great as we go on a lot of excursions and families can have that peace of mind when their child is outside the centre. I also experience the Guardian app as a parent myself, it’s easy to navigate and aspects like the email history is a helpful addition.” 

Not only does Xap’s software save educators and directors time when it comes to communication and program planning, but also when providing quick and effective support. “The support service is great, anytime I call up they’re always on top of things and get the team onto any app or CCS situations straight away,” Cassandra explains, “They take the pressure off and are always helpful.” 

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