Xap’s central kindergarten registration solution ensures that your whole community has access to a fair, equitable and timely system for processing kindergarten enrolments. Our council childcare management software enables councils to manage all aspects of the registration and enrolment process, with the flexibility of being able to accommodate both managed and private services in the one centralised project.

Centralised Waiting List Management Application

Xap’s centralised waiting list module is a powerful, easy-to-use application that automates many of the procedures associated with the management of waiting lists for child care. You can manage priority as per DEEWR guidelines and also allocate your own weightage to the applications.

Our council childcare waitinglist management system records detailed information on children including country of birth, ethnicity, cultural affiliation, main language spoken, Indigenous status and more. With our childcare management app for councils, you can also collect information such as year level care required, centre preferences, and days and hours required, in addition to child medical and additional needs.

Customise Your Enrolment Form with Full Flexibility

Our flexible enrolment form builder can be used to build enrolment forms tailored to fit your specific needs without any technical experience required. With our council daycare management software, your enrolment forms are automatically transformed to work in the mobile apps and web apps.

Capture all types of data including alpha numeric, text fields, radio fields, yes/no questions, check boxes and file upload controls. Your staff can also use our enrolment wizard for easy entry of children and their care requirements into the system.

Make an Online Offer & Customise the Priority Score

Our council childcare management software has an in-built offer process that can generate an automatic email for the parent and the centre with customisable email templates. Offers can be sent based on the priority score and preferences selected.

Generate a wide variety of reports, including offered places, waiting lists and various statistical reports. Optionally, you can export the data in the spreadsheet for easy filtering of the applications the way you want it.

Custom Priority of Access Based on Your Council Requirements

Some councils run a centralised application process for 4-year-old kindergarten programs for all kinder services in the area. When applications for enrolment are received, places are reserved for children eligible for a second year of funded kindergarten.

The available places are then allocated. If more children are seeking a place in a kinder group than there are places available, each application is given a score based on the priority of access criteria set up by councils. With our council kinder management software, children are allocated to the places available in each group according to the number of points allocated to their application, with the highest scoring applications receiving the offers first.

Software Built for All Stakeholders

Our council childcare management app and software allows you to view real-time information about how your business and staff are performing.

  • Administration dashboard to oversee your centre or multiple centres
  • Automated invoicing and financial information
  • Run BI reports to improve profits
  • Create/approve/reject bookings
  • Perform CCS operations
  • Manage waitlist and enrolments
  • Engage parents through communication
For Educators

Xap’s council childcare management app and software enables educators to extend on children’s unique interests and plan to enhance each child’s learning journey.

  • Curriculum programming and planning
  • Daily Routine – Meals, sleep, sunscreen, nappies, bottles, sleep checks and more
  • Portfolios – Observations, follow ups, learning stories
  • Private messaging
  • Receive notification alerts
  • QIP – View and contribute
  • Check-in/out (timesheets)
For Parents

Experience your child’s learning experience by receiving photos and daily communications throughout the day.

  • View children’s daily stats (meal, sleep, bottles, etc.) with past history
  • Manage family details
  • Make or update the booking information
  • View statements and invoices and make payments online
  • Read children’s learning portfolios
  • Notify centre of non-attendances
  • Upload immunisation record
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