Empower Your Family Community

Wouldn’t it be great if all information about children in your care was available in one convenient app for parents? If communication was as simple as the click of a few buttons? If parents could track their child’s day through a childcare parent communication app throughout the day? We thought so, too.

Today’s parents crave information. Give them confidence about their child via our secure, smart communication app that lets you deliver all the details they need, from billing info to the true value of play-based learning – and everything in between.

Casual Conversations Create Bonds

With Xap’s childcare parent engagement system, you can get everyone on the same page. Our secure Message Centre lets educators and families share updates, announcements or other information about the moments that matter most.

Parents and caregivers can instantly connect with one another through our secure child care daily app without having to worry about what happens to their data.

Exceed Family Expectations

The best way to engage parents is to provide engaging content on a regular basis. With our educator app, sharing a quick update with a photo or video goes a long way in creating a long-lasting relationship with families.

Offer an unparalleled experience in early education with Xap – one of the best apps for parent engagement. Build loyalty for your brand and grow enrolments by giving parents and guardians real-time insight into your core learning philosophies and day-to-day classroom activities.

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