Xap provides advanced dashboards and detailed reports so you can keep track of child and family data, centre staff and accounts. Our childcare software programs also provide an intuitive way to securely manage your waiting list and enrolment data through the web or mobile app.

Xap is the future of childcare, today.

Administrators & Directors Love Our Automation

Centre Directors and Administrators can automate most business functions of their centre with Xap’s childcare software platform.

Office administration at a childcare centre is often laborious and repetitive, but necessary. Our childcare management software and app automates your work and offers insights so you can grow and improve your business.

Educators Love Our Features

Xap enables educators to focus on providing care and education first. Our childcare management app and software offers additional insights and easy room management that educators will love.

Designed and built by leading childcare software providers, the Xap platform eliminates the need for paper-based forms. Educators can quickly create learning observations, plan experiences and send updates to families with the click of a button. Educators can also get a holistic view of a child’s medical records on their tablet or smartphone.

Parents Love Our Mobile App

Xap enables parents to see their children’s activities throughout the day. This transparency helps build relationships and trust with educators.

Keep parents engaged in their child’s learning with strong communication facilitated by the best childcare software and app. Easily share details about their child’s learning progress, allowing parents to easily track their child’s learning throughout the day.

Empower Yourself with Our Advanced Reports

The more you know, the better you can run your childcare centre. With a childcare management system that provides reports on everything from enrolment to finances, you will have the tools you need to do your job efficiently and effectively.

Automating repetitive tasks can open the door to a better work-life balance. Never spend time invoicing, collecting manual reports or looking for gaps in enrolment again. Xap’s advanced childcare management software can handle it all.

Software Built for All Stakeholders

With access to the best childcare software in Australia, you can see real-time information about how your business and staff are performing and what is happening.

  • Administration Dashboard to oversee your centre or multiple centres
  • Automated invoicing and financial information
  • Run BI reports to improve profits
  • Create/approve/reject bookings
  • Perform CCS operations
  • Manage waitlist & enrolments
  • Engage parents through communication
For Educators

Our childcare management software in Australia enables educators to extend on children’s unique interests and plan to enhance each child’s learning journey.

  • Curriculum programming & planning
  • Daily routine – Meals, sleep, sunscreen, nappies, bottles, sleep checks.
  • Portfolios – Observations, follow ups, learning stories
  • Receive notification alerts
  • QIP – View & contribute
For Parents

Stay updated with your child’s learning experience by receiving photos and daily communications throughout the day.

  • View children’s daily stats (meal, sleep, bottles, etc.) with past history
  • Manage family details
  • Make or update the booking information
  • View statement & invoices. Make payments online
  • Read children’s learning portfolios
  • Notify centre of non-attendances
  • Upload immunisation record
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