Set Up Rule-based Discounts

Xap’s Promotional tool and rule-based discount engine will allow you to configure your promotions on the days on which your occupancies are low. There are multiple discount rules which could be set up like weekly session count against the child or payment account and discount on specific day if the child has bookings on other days.

You can also create discount codes which can be shared with the parents. Run our vacancy finder tool or run our occupancy optimiser tool to get an idea on which discount rule should be created.

Grow Occupancy & Improve Your Childcare Centre

We help your centre promote its last-minute vacancies and provide a seamless booking experience for families. Ensure your services do not miss an opportunity to earn additional revenue. With Xap, you can configure discount rules and advertise them to families so they can book extra days from anywhere, at any time.

No More Manual Discount Calculations. Instead Run Your Service Marketing.

Take the guesswork out of running your promotions, by using Xap’s predictive modelling software. Transform your data into helpful insights that you can use to drive your promotional strategy. Predictions for every aspect are delivered in real-time and updated throughout the entire booking lifecycle, so you will know which families to target and how to best reach them.

Reward Your Customer, if They Make Extra Bookings

Provide your families with something extra. Design promotional & discount offers that keep your families striving for more bookings. You can use Xap’s discount tool to offer both $ and % discounts for any bookings made through your platform.

We try to make everything as simple as possible for childcare directors & owners. Xap’s Built-in Coupon Code Engine comes with an easy-to-use Interface with no complex coding or programming. You can either generate coupon or set up a rule to make it a part for your marketing campaigns.

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