Visualise All Child & Family Information from a Single Screen

We empower your staff with information and features to make managing child and family information easy. As a result, you and your staff can be confident in your centre’s ability to stay on top of all data.

Customisable enrolment forms and fields in our enrolment management software enable you to build a visual profile of each child, ensuring you always have access to essential and easily identifiable profile information.

Keeping Immunisation Records Up to Date

Under the No Jab No Play legislation, parents are required to provide services with an AIR Immunisation History Statement showing that their child’s immunisations are up to date​.

You are required to take reasonable steps to obtain up-to-date Immunisation History Statements from parents/carers, and to keep the latest statement with the child’s enrolment records. When children receive a vaccine or are due to receive a vaccine while attending your service, our children profile management software will automatically prompt parents and carers to provide the new Immunisation History Statement.

Document Records for Every Individual

Imagine a comprehensive virtual filing cabinet packed with key child, family and health documents, all in perfect order. Whatever you’re looking for is just a click away in our systematic student profile management software.

Manage all formats of documents in one place. Conveniently share them when needed while choosing different view and edit permissions for each user.

Record Allergies, Health Conditions & Additional Needs

An important task for a childcare manager is to ensure all staff are aware of the medical needs of children in their care. This requires up-to-date record keeping and filing. Xap’s enrolment management software makes it easy to keep track of any specific medical conditions, allergies or medicines for each child.

All-important notes, contacts, medical history and medication requirements are saved in the child’s profile and can be updated anytime from any device.

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