Ensure the Safety of Children with Real-Time Updates for Parents

Xap’s OSHC digital Kiosk feature allows parents/guardians to easily check their child in and out through an easy-to-use electronic sign in childcare system. Parents are also alerted when their child is dropped off and picked up through our convenient daycare check in app.

Our childcare digital attendance Kiosk also keeps parents apprised of their children’s attendance data. We provide a smart kindergarten digital Kiosk to record and manage children absence records along with absence notes for easy child care attendance tracking.

Save Time On Processing Staff Time Sheets & Attendance

The Kiosk feature is also set up to allow staff to clock in and out. Our staff attendance system simplifies the tracking of staff attendance and ensures transparency.

Track your payroll hours with childcare staff clock-in and easily export reports for payroll systems. Xap automatically calculates total work hours and break timings. Combining a staff and children attendance management system in one, Xap makes it simple to keep track of both children and staff.

Children Headcount and Staff Ratio Reports

Xap’s live headcount display with photos gives you complete confidence that every child will be accounted for. Our child care check in app lets you view real-time children-to-staff ratios anytime. Set up alerts in the child care attendance software to get notified when your ratio is off.

Get All the Functions You Want From Your Kiosk
  • Our daycare sign in and out app enables check in on virtually any device, including existing devices in most cases
  • Real-time and accurate attendance reporting
  • Batch check-in and check-out of students by staff – great for outside school hours care programs
  • Faster check-in with a mobile number and PIN code
  • Provide parents with billing alerts and announcements when they use the daycare sign in app
  • Staff clock-in and alerts
  • Record staff break times with ease
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