Xap Accurately Estimates the Childcare Rebate

Use our childcare rebate estimation to invoice your families in advance, track deposits, and send automated payment receipts. It takes just minutes to setup, and it integrates with direct debit systems to process payments in bulk. It’s never been easier to implement a childcare direct debit payment management system.

Built with the highest levels of security, our billing platform will securely manage your bookkeeping needs while offering your families paperless billing. The parents at your centre will thank you!

The Fastest Way for Childcare Businesses to Invoice

Make your child care billing effortless with Xap’s childcare billing and invoicing app and software. Streamline your business by automating payment reminders and allowing Xap to send out invoices automatically.

Xap provides greater flexibility in generating and managing invoices. Invoices are automatically generated by the system based on enrolment/attendance. Childcare providers can manage their own billing and payment due dates by defining service periods.

Create Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds

Create professional looking invoices and rebate estimates in seconds without having to do it manually. Our childcare billing & payment management system makes it easy to bill your parents for your childcare centre.

Invoices and statements can be downloaded, printed or emailed to parents with a single click. Parents will receive an itemised invoice that includes all transactions for each child, making it easy to understand the total amount billed at a glance.

Why Use Our Billing and Payment Module?
Late Payment Reminders

Say goodbye to Outlook reminders and spreadsheets. With automated late payment reminders, you can keep track of when parents pay.

Late Payment Fees

Automatically charge a percentage or flat fee onto your invoices that are late past a deadline. Xap lets you enable/disable late payment fees.

Recurring Billing

Does your centre watch the same children on a regular basis? With our childcare billing and invoicing management software, you can set up profiles to ensure invoices get sent out automatically each week.


Xap allows you to set up a billing schedule to automatically (and securely) charge your client’s credit card in seconds.

Automated Direct Debit Solutions & Online Payments

You’ll never need to remind parents about a late payment again. With online payment solutions from Xap, your customers can pay with the convenience and security of a platform that’s quick and easy to use.

Schedule payment plans, limit the amount, or allow parents to pay from their mobile app – our childcare billing & payment management system does it all.

Say Goodbye to Monthly Spreadsheets and Manual Errors with Lock Period Accounting

Our childcare billing & payment management app makes use of Period Locking, which is commonly used when records up to a particular point in time have been verified, such as the end of the month or quarter. A user can lock the data to ensure that the records won’t change for all dates up to and including the end of fiscal year date.

Period locking ensures data accuracy and prevents users from spending countless hours locating a record that has been added, edited or removed in error after a period is closed.

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