Our CCS management software and apps makes management of childcare services easy, including the administration of CCS requirements, bookings, payments and rebates. While it has been built from the ground up to support businesses running multiple services, it is also designed to support the smallest of services.


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CCS Management Software that is Innovative & Compliant

Every night, Xap CCS management software queries the relevant government database and updates any changes to parent and guardian CCS enrolments or subsidies. This ensures your system is always up to date with the records in the CCSS system.

The big plus with this is that you can provide child care fee estimates to parents with confidence that the figures you are quoting are up to date.

Automated Enrolment and Attendance Submission

Xap will automate most of your CCSS requirements, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – taking care of children. Xap is an Australian Government CCS registered software product that’s designed to automate your enrolment and attendance submission.

Our CCSS child care management software provides features, integrated technology, and applications that meet the needs of parents, educators and childcare owners.

Vacancy Reporting Simplified

To meet your requirement of regularly submitting child care vacancy reports to the CCS system, Xap childcare CCSS software has built-in smarts to make this easy to do.

Ensuring your service has up up-to-date vacancy reporting is vital for running a successful child care business. Using the reporting features in our smart CCS software is the best way to ensure smooth operations and meet compliance requirements.

Automatically Reconcile CCS Payments

The best CCS management software must have everything you need to run your childcare services. Xap’s CCS software solution enables you to automate a variety of tasks, including automatically reconciling CCS payments with parent statements, monitoring entitlement changes and tracking payments, and notifying families when entitlement details change.

If your current CCSS software is not as smart or user friendly as you would like, get in touch to arrange a demonstration of Xap’s automated CCS software. You can rest assured that the migration process to our child care provider apps and software is seamless.

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