Completely customisable to the needs of almost every type of childcare centre and before/after school hour care program, Xap childcare app is packed with features that make it easy to eliminate paperwork, reduce administrative hassles, streamline billing, and simplify record keeping. Make enrolment, bookings, reporting, and billing a breeze with the all-new Xap online childcare app.

Use Xap to manage your single or multi-site Childcare Centres

For child care businesses that need to manage multiple sites and centers, Xap provides online access for users in different locations, with varying levels of access and permissions. Housed on one database, you can report by site, by groups of sites, or for the organisation as a whole, and there’s no need to switch between the sites to do certain operations.

Make Xap your own childcare app with a highly customisable user interface that adapts to programs of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Make waitlist registration and enrolment process a breeze.

…for Parents
Let parents know that you have them in mind from the very start. Offer online waitlist registration that’s simple, seamless, and accessible at any time, from anywhere they are, when it is convenient for them. Use our childcare app to set up your waitlist and enrolment forms.

…and for YOU!
Boost your enrolment and save time managing waitlist application and enrolment applications with integrated registration forms that connect directly to your Xap system. Collect application fees and deposits right through your forms to cut the time you spend recording payments.

Data Management & Billing and Payment Processing Made Easy

Keep all of your family, child, and staff data securely organised in a single database to increase efficiency, accuracy, and growth. Intuitive data management features lend to quick and painless staff training, so your staff can perform day-to-day administrative tasks when you’re out.

Advanced filtering and custom data views mean you see the data you need the way you want it, enabling you to analyze information and make the best, most informed decisions for your organisation.

Parent Engagement Made Easy

Xap’s parent engagement mobile app seamlessly integrates with your Xap childcare app. Offer parents options that matter, like a convenient mobile payment option, shareable picture and video messages, and personalised alerts and reminders.

Record and communicate important – and required – information throughout the day for things like potty time, meal reports, nap updates, and more.

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