With Xap’s before & after school management software, you can simplify your attendance tracking and billing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could run your after-school care service the way you’d love to, instead of having hundreds of admin tasks keeping you on the run? With our before and after school management software, you can say goodbye to piles of paperwork, parents who haven’t paid yet, and HR issues.


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Registration and Online Enrolment that Saves Time, Paper and Money

As you know all too well, registration/enrolment is one of the most time-consuming and paper-intensive tasks. Xap’s before & after school management software can save you a lot of time and reams of paper by enabling you to create and edit your own online enrolment forms.

  • Customisable online enrolment and registration forms
  • The ability to send an invitation for parents to complete enrolment forms
  • Digital sign-in & sign-out kiosk for easy approval by parents and staff
Parent Communication that Helps You Retain and Build Your Client Base

The quality of communication is the key measure of the quality of a relationship. That’s why parent communication is the key to winning relationships with your customers and their children. Xap’s before & after school management software makes it simple to share email newsletters, push notifications with daily photo/video updates, meal updates and learning observations.

Xap keeps parents connected to your before or after school program. From palm-of-your-hand messaging capabilities to a fun photo/video-sharing feature, Xap’s before and after school management software can help you take care of business in a way that’s personal, professional, and best of all – easy. Xap also makes it easy for parents to make bookings directly through the app.

Our Customers Love Our Check-In and Check-Out Feature

Xap’s before & after school management software comes with Kiosk, which gives you the ability to track students from the moment they enter your care to the moment they leave. In fact, you can check them in when they exit the bus and check them out when they board it. So you can be absolutely sure you’ve got an accurate headcount, our batch check-in allows you to pull up a list of children with their names and photos.

You’ll also have the ability to track students based on the schools they attend for easy management of bus routes and rosters for the schools.

Key Features of Our Before & After School Care Management Software

Care outside of school hours has shown a lack of serious software players in the market. Many current software offerings are merely an adapted version of childcare software. For this reason, Xap decided to develop before and after school management software designed with before & after school programs first and foremost in mind.

  • Track sign-in and sign-out in real-time
  • Take casual and walk-in bookings
  • Run automated billing
  • Batch check-in allows you to view a list of children’s names and photos
  • Accurate headcount
  • Customisable registration and enrolments
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