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So you’re looking for new childcare management software? Good news. You’ve come to the right place.

We could say that we work with over a thousand of early years owners and educators across Australia, and have well over 80,000 parents using our app. But none of that really matters to you, and why should it?

Instead, why don’t we talk about how your childcare centre could benefit from choosing Xap Platform, and why you should book a demo with one of our consultants today.

1. Putting the children first

The key features:
  • Customisable Child Enrolment Forms and Detailed Profile Views
  • Ability to filter records by health conditions, download health documents
  • Accessible Health & Immunisation Documents.
  • Accessible learning Observations
  • Streamlined photo & video observations
  • Meal & Nutrition Tracking
  • Child Goals

We know that no-one works in childcare for the paperwork. It’s all about providing the very best for the children in your care, and Xap can help you to do just that.

Observations. Learning journeys. Meal tracking

It’s all built into the same, simple system that you’ll use to manage everything in your childcare centre, saving you time and hassle from day one.

It’s time to call an end to printed learning journals that no one sees, observations that take hours to complete, and complicated spreadsheets that give you no real indication of your child’s development.

Instead, it’s time to use a more intelligent system, giving you the insights you need to help your children grow and giving you back the time to make sure they’re doing just that.

2. Keep parents in the loop about the important things that have happened throughout the day.

The key features:
  • Customisable Activities. Create your own activities or modify the existing
  • Create group posts or individual post.
  • Link Learning Outcomes & framework of your choice with your activities.
  • Send daily activity updates
  • Instant parent communication
  • The parent can comment and like & contribute to a child’s learning

We have designed Xap alongside very smart childcare directors from businesses of every size, and one thing that comes up time and time again is there isn’t all in one software in the market.

Using Xap, you can eliminate the need to use multiple apps.

Today’s parents are rarely without a smartphone in hand, and checking for push notifications comes second nature to them. That’s why communicating through a mobile app that sends parents push notifications to let them know when you have posted a child activity, photos/videos, reminders, messages, or bills to pay is essential for today’s childcare business professionals.

Xap Staff app allows you to send photos and video messages of little ones to cure the inevitable parent FOMO – fear of missing out – by making parents feel involved and included in the day-to-day activities at your centre.

The added bonus?

Parents will love blasting those precious moments out on Facebook and Instagram, and that means lots of word-of-mouth buzz about your tech-forward program.

Our parent messaging and news feed give you evidence of parent partnerships and allow your educators to build a relationship with them, while fully customisable cohort tracking allows you to dive deep into the development of your children.

All this means an end to the endless ring binders and folders. You can focus on preparing your childcare centre for the more important parts of the inspection instead.

“What stands out for us is Xap’s clean and easy to use interface, the product is intuitive and well designed. Most other software isn’t as comprehensive as Xap.”

Kate Chen Kate Chen - Little smart Early Learning

3. Invoicing with a click

The key features:
  • Automated Invoice Generation or One-click batch invoicing
  • In-app parent payments
  • In-app invoice reminders
  • Simple revenue & debt overview
  • Automatic occupancy planner

Sending out invoices each week can be an exhausting, time-consuming process. Some Program even requires you to manually schedule the direct debit payments.

But when you already have the data on each child’s bookings at your fingertips, it doesn’t have to be.

With Xap, invoices are automatically generated from the sessions, discounts and automatic CCS Rebate estimation that you’ve applied to each child.

If you would like to generate the invoices manually, Simply head to the invoicing section and generate invoices in bulk with a click, the invoices are sent straight to the parent in-app and via email.

Once the parents have the invoices, they can even make the payment in-app using Xap Smile App. They can pay by a card or set up a recurring direct debit and, once the payment’s been received, it’ll be automatically reconciled to your account.

And Xap isn’t just about making invoicing easier.

With an occupancy planner to help you identify available vacancy, our revenue forecast report to pinpoint gaps and automatic ratios to prevent overstaffing, Xap can help you to maximise the revenue of your centre too.

4. Reduce your paperwork chaos

The key features:

We know two days are never the same in childcare Centre. But one thing that always seems to remain constant is the paperwork piling up on your desk.

Don’t worry, we’re on top of it.

As well as saving you from spreadsheet misery with automatic billing and financial reports you can trust, we also save you the slew of early morning calls that inevitably come hand in hand with flu season. Parents can register sick days or holidays in the app, saving you from spending all morning chasing every missing name on the attendance register.

Quickly register and track incidents with our accident and incident reports, while keeping track of any potential new families with the enquiries and waiting lists feature.

Digital daily diaries can chart everything from naps to nappy changes too, saving those snatched conversations you have at pick up time to discuss what really matters – the kids themselves.

Which should help to give you…

5. Intuitive Learning Observations & Program Planning

The key features:
  • Program Planning by Rooms & Learning categories
  • Beautiful learning journeys
  • Instant parent messaging
  • Link Preceding observations and Experiences
  • Link QIPs with Plans and easily filter them for ACECQUA Audit
  • Staff Reflections and Family Feedback
  • Link child Goals
  • Link Resources
  • Document Program Goals and Publish plans to Guardian Portal

Alongside being your tool for day to day admin, Xap also offers a secure learning observation and Program planning app to help you keep parents central to your centre’s community.

For many centres, they quickly become nothing more than admin black holes, a place where time slows down and any parent engagement was lost many moons ago.

And yet, that’s not what they were originally for. They should be places of celebration, where parents can see their little ones’ greatest achievements. A place where you can gain an even deeper understanding of your children. A place which inspires better learning and more targeted development.

That’s what we think, at least. That’s why we’ve been working hard to make our learning journals more useful to you, more engaging for parents, and generally a nicer place to be. That’s what we’ll kick off with this time but stick around because there’s plenty more where that came from…

6. Reduce cost & Increase your Centre’s Occupancy with our smart tools

The key features:
  • Automatic staffing ratios
  • Historical Attendance Insights
  • Smart Discount and Promotional Engine
  • Vacancy Finder Tool
  • Internal document sharing

Ratios, attendance, calculating child to staff ratios – it all takes time that you’d much rather be spending supporting and training your staff. What’s more, as you grow it quickly becomes more and more complicated.

With a backdrop of increasing competition within many parts of the Australian early learning sector, service providers are also tasked with maintaining occupancies within their centres.

Xap has developed a tool which can encourage families to book on days where your centre struggles with occupancy. You will have the options to build your own casual booking rules to attract and offer discounts to increase your occupancy.

Xap’s Promotional tool and the rule-based discount engine will allow you to configure your promotions on the days on which your occ.upancies are low. There are multiple discount rules which could be set up like a weekly session count against the child or payment account and discount on a specific day if the child has bookings on other days.

Our room-planning app lets you see the required staff for each room, session by session. It’s linked directly to the ratios you’ve set, and so you can plan with the confidence that you’ll have the right staff at the right time.

You can view attendance reports generated from our staff sign-in app, track and view staff qualifications and use document sharing to ensure all staff see important policies and training materials.

7. Take your time back

But what does this all really come down to? Why do you care about speedy invoicesreliable overviews or better parent communication? It’s all about time.

Time to focus on new initiatives. Time to focus on your staff. Time for those projects you’ve been putting off for months. Time for the kids.

Xap is intuitive, fits your workflow and comes with unrivalled support. It will save you time for the stuff that really matters. That’s our promise.

If you want to talk to us about how Xap can be tailored to what you do, day in, day out, why not book a demo today?

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